Institute of Technology Tralee

In 2013 the IT, Tralee became the first third level institution in the world to receive a UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Physical Education,Sport, Fitness and Recreation.

The Chair uses education, training and research to advance towards more inclusive societies using PE, sport, fitness and recreation as conduits to social justice. Some of the major challenges of modern times are addressed by the Chair activities including healthy and active aging and tackling societal challenges such as inclusion and wellbeing. The Chair extends across such disciplines as education and training, adapted physical activity, social sciences, social entrepreneurship, pedagogy, assistive technologies, ICT, policy and development work.

The establishment of the Chair commits the Institute to working closely with UNESCO to advance policy and practice in the field and to engage in collaborative education, training and research activities with multi-disciplinary partners globally to advance knowledge and practice. The IT, Tralee is advancing the research agenda of the UNESCO Chair and is currently developing a suite of internationally focused undergraduate and postgraduate educational programmes.

The triangulation of higher education, services and industry partners across many disciplines can mobilise change for the betterment of people with disabilities and society in general. In keeping with UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN remit we will achieve our goals through the collaborative engagement of the many professionals globally in a spirit of peer cooperation. It is through the sharing of knowledge, practice and resourceswe can advance towards our collective goals in amore efficient and effective way. The IT, Tralee is currently sourcing funding for the Chair from research grant awards, industry and philanthropic donations. ‘Connecting KnowledgeGlobally’ will be central to our success andwe extend an open invitation for collaborative engagement to all those who believe they have a role to play.

Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID (IMaR) Gateway

In 2013 the IT Tralee was awarded Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway funding (up to €1.2m over 5 years) to establish the IMaR Technology Gateway. The principal theme of the IMaR Technology Gateway is on the design and development of mechatronics and RFID innovative technologies for industrial applications.

The IMaR Gateway was formed an amalgamation of two applied research centres located at the Institute of Technology Tralee, the Centre of Intelligent Mechatronics and Sensor Systems (CIMSS) and the Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems (CIDS) each with complementary industry focused technology capabilities and a strong track record over a number of years of industry partnerships. The CIMSS and CIDS research groups combined previously completed in excess of seventy funded research projects with collaborating industries since their establishments in 2008 and 2004 respectively and have secured over €5m in funding from both National and European funding sources.

The IMaR team of circa fifteen highly skilled researchers including a combination of postdoctorate, postgraduate research scientists and engineers all with the necessary competencies and skills to deliver world class research across a diverse cross section of industries including automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, production/manufacturing, aeronautical, environmental and agri-business.