DOCTRID V Poster Presentations

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Anita Yakkundi
CanRead: Inclusive comprehension and reading program
Aviva Cohen
Breaking down the barriers to Future Planning
Bernie Kirkpatrick
Using Assistive Technology to help Families Living with AutismSpectrum Disorder and/or ID to Reduce Sleep Problems
Brea Chouinard
Working Memory Improvements and Social Communication in Adolescents with ASD
Bryan Boyle
Carnival Look & Learn: A Peer mediated application for Joint Attention Skills Training
Emily Porter
Improved Management of Urinary Incontinence using a Non-­‐Invasive and Safe Monitoring Device
Fleur Booth
Global Access to Assistive Technology for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Georgios Politis
Communication skills training for people with ASD/ID through Virtual Reality
Ivan Traina
Empowerment of youth with ID through Educational and training curricula for Acquiring employment Skills
James Northridge
Giving Every Child a Voice
John Owuor
Empowering community living and social inclusion for people with intellectual disability using assistive technology
Julia Louw
Enhancing Social Inclusion for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities:A Multi-site and Social Media Study
Keeley White
Assistive Social Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) Program for young adults with autism spectrum disorder
Mohammed Taj Eldin
Assistive Wearable Sensing Technology for Prediction and Detection of Challenging Behaviour
Nigel Robb
A method for involving children with developmental disabilities in the design of video games
Pauline Frizelle
Assessing children’s understanding of complex syntax: a comparison of two methods
Phil Smyth
Assisting People with Intellectual Disability to Self-manage Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Sean O'Neill
Understanding the needs and experiences of individuals with ASD/ID living in Ireland and UK using an online questionnaire
Shawn Gilroy
A Randomized-control Trial of High- and Low-tech Treatments for Communication Disorders in Autism
Trish Mackeogh
Development of a Multimodal AT Assessment tool for children with Mild to Moderate intellectual Disability...