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Trish MacKeogh: Outgoing Fellow

Project Title: Developing a Multimodal Assistive Technology assessment tool for children with Mild to Moderate intellectual Disability (ID) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a Universal Design framework: Matching Person with Technology for Children with ID/ASD (IMPT-ID/ASD)

Host Institution: Queen's university belfast (2 yrs) return phase DIT (1 yr)

Host PI: Prof Karola Dillenburger (QUB), Dr John Gilligan (DIT)

Home Institution: Central Remedial Clinic


Summary: New technologies are increasing the capabilities of assistive technology (AT) to support people with disabilities in daily activities. AT devices are among the most widely prescribed for people with disabilities, yet, upwards of one third of the devices are abandoned.  For children with intellectual disabilities, technologies can provide opportunities for greater and more flexible access to activities and in particular education then traditional methods if applied and matched successfully. This research will investigate through a universal design approach what are main factors for children with intellectual disabilities that occur in both acquiring and successfully using AT.  The research will use the Irish Matching Person & Technology (IMPT) to develop the IMPT-ID/ASD for children with mild to moderate intellectual disability.  The work will involve setting up an online interactive information system which will provide information on AT for users, parents, teachers and practitioners and create a platform for a community of users; it will also develop an online training program on technology available for children with intellectual disability.

Trish MacKeogh has been working for the past 27 years as Information and Research Officer in assistive technology in the Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin.  She was a project officer on four EU funded projects including “Inclusive Learning through Technology, Keeping Pace with Technology”, ATIS4All and Cardiac.  She has recently been a co-author on the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) commissioned Study, “Assistive Technology in supporting the education of children with special educational needs: What works best?”   Trish has Masters in Library & Information Science. She researched and authored “The Effect of Austerity on the Lives of People with Disabilities in Ireland” for the European Foundation. She has co-authored four online training programs in technology for primary school teachers.