Guide for Applicants

There are two steps in the application process.

Step 1: Preparation of your application

Before starting to write your application, you are strongly encouraged to check whether you, the proposal and the proposed host organization fulfill the eligibility criteria.  Before starting to write your application, you are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the applicant documentation. (See Application Documentation)  Part VI of the Guide for Applicants describes all documents requested for an application and provides a template for the project proposal. Please pay particular attention to the ethics issues (See Ethics Issues) of your proposal.

Step 2: Submission of your proposal

All applications must be made through the on-line proposal submission on this website. There are two steps in the online submission

  1. Complete the online Application Form. Once completed (including creating your username and password) this will bring you to the Submissions page where you can
  2. Log in and upload the required documentation in the Submissions page

Applicants are invited to contact the Programme Manager for advice (See Support) on technical and eligibility issues during the application and proposal submission phase.

Any ethical aspects in your proposal must be addressed according to the requirements in the Guide for Applicants. Marie Curie Ethics Guide for Applicants_FP7 provides information about how to describe the ethical issues in your proposal, if any.

Your proposal will be evaluated according to 5 evaluation criteria that are set out in the Guide for Applicants. It is in your interest to keep the evaluation criteria in mind whilst writing your proposal.

These 5 evaluation criteria are:

  1. S&T Quality
  2. Training
  3. Researcher
  4. Implementation
  5. Impact

For each of the evaluation criteria, a number of sub-criteria have been formulated, to help the reviewer to decide on the quality of the proposal and the project. Please see the evaluation criteria and sub-criteria in the Guide for Applicants.

The Programme Manager will offer support to applicants through a Helpdesk, during the writing and proposal submission phase and during the implementation phase of the projects. The Programme Manager will also facilitate technical support for any problems associated with the online application system. 

Fellows applying for the outgoing mobility scheme wishing to go to an institution outside the DOCTRID Research Institute must submit a written approval letter from the DOCTRID Research Board. Please contact Gretta Fitzgerald to discuss the institution and the procedure.

For support in practical issues, please contact the international office at your university. In addition, applicants and fellow may contact the Irish EURAXESS officeThe Irish EURAXESS office provides free information on a range of practical issues related to your and your family’s international mobility, such as immigration and visas, employment law, healthcare, childcare, social services and life in Ireland.

Ireland has signed the Hosting Agreement Scheme. This scheme offers a fast track service for visa applications to researchers from non-EU countries who are applying for research positions in accredited research organizations.  All Irish host organisations within the DOCTRID Research Institute are accredited research organisations.

This agreement, known as a ‘Hosting Agreement’ allows researchers and their immediate family to reside in Ireland for the duration of their contract. The agreement also allows researchers’ spouses to apply for a spousal work permit. After 2 years on a hosting agreement researchers can apply for a Stamp 4 for another two years, renewable.

The scheme is hosted by the Irish Universities Association and is supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.